Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vitamin D

While we weren't able to talk the nurses into issuing a prescription for us, we still thought it'd be a good idea to get some extra Vitamin D in preparation for the long winter ahead of us. Turns out, three of our friends thought so too.

One of our friends have been here, there, and just about everywhere. (She won't admit to having a physical map tucked away with thumbtacks in each country she's been too, but I'm fairly certain she does!) Whether physical or just mental, we committed to heading somewhere that'd give her another country on the 'been there, done that' side. The other two girls would be experiencing their first trip to anywhere in the Caribbean.

Oddly enough, four different schedules caused us all to converge on Toronto at the beginning of October. Travel out of the north is tres expensive, so it's awesome when you can combine business and medical and family visits with sun, sand, and surf!

We surfed the internet, trolled trip advisor, and decided Now Jade in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico was the place for us! We'd get some sun, some much needed and well deserved rest and relaxation, and make some great memories with our Northern buds.

Please note: That isn't even a promo shot from the resort's website, I actually took this picture! We were extremely impressed that the resort looked even better in person that it did on the internet.

We did a lot of this! TGIF for my Kobo, because I devoured books. It was good that everyone we were with also enjoyed a good book. And by having so many of us, we could always talk someone into a swim and a drink!

Poncho and Indigo were our noble steads for our ride through the jungle and along the beach. All five of us were able to go on a private ride. At one point, 'he' and Indigo took off gallopping down the beach, and we thought for sure we'd find 'he' hanging from a branch in the jungle.

These cuties had their own paparazzi. We were able to grab a quick shot with them by the pool.

Chillin in the pool. Gotta love the infinity pool effect, where it looks like you can swim into the ocean and off to the horizon!

Once upon a wild and crazy night, three beautiful ladies showcased their fantabulous dancing skills in the lobby, while the chivalrous knight took some pictures. All this dancing and random photography was not at all induced in any way by the consumption of several vodka and cranberry beverages. They then proceded to play Santa Claus in the lifeguard tower, before the knight fell off the ladder into the sand. The entire group took a quick dip in the ocean, and then in the pool, before heading off to bed. The next morning sucked. The end.

'He' and 'she' swimming in the rain.

Dos Blue Hawaii's, por pavor.

So to recap:

Vitamin D? Check.

R & R? Check.

A killer good time? Check.

Mission Accomplished.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Need proof that winter is officially here in Baker?

How about some kids playing ice hockey on a frozen pond in behind 'Mt. Baker Lake'.

If I get ambitious over the next few days, I just might traipse all the way out there and snap a couple of pictures.

And while I'm feeling ambitious... I think I promised my parental units that I'd post some of the Mexico pictures, so I'll do that soon too. I promise.