Monday, August 30, 2010

The Keg at Baker Lake

Well, not really the Keg , as such. But as close as we'll get before coming south at Christmas.

We tried to replicate a favourite meal from the Keg: Prime Rib au Jus, with a couple of exceptions.... Yorkshire pudding instead of bread, no garlic for the mashed potatoes, and the au jus could use some more pizazz. But for a very first prime rib attempt, neither of us could complain.

We have to thank the good people at Calm Air for making sure our groceries got in at all, but next time, maybe a bit earlier than 11:30pm?


  1. Very well done guys. The Keg had better watch out. What was dessert? Love you guys and miss you.
    Mom and Gary

  2. Excellent. and more importantly, you're coming home for Christmas! Yay!

    and, as luck would have it, we have a real KEG gift card here, for your personal use!

    How cool is that.

    love you guys ... looking forward to seeing you.

    Toni,Rob, & Jo.

  3. Mom and Gar - Why, dessert was apple crisp, of course! Yum!

    Toni, Rob and Jo - hopefully we can all get together and catch up - We'll call you when our dates firm up a bit!