Monday, September 13, 2010

Return of the....

...... white bunnies!!

Looking for a sure sign that winter is around the corner? I watched two white bunnies playing on the tundra today, and last week while walking to work, a white bunny escorted me all the way to the office.

Apparently, it's a little closer to winter on the north end of town, since our friends who live on the south end, say their bunnies are still brownish-grey!


  1. Its cool to know that there is another Baker Lake Blogger - Sadly in a town of 1800 I haven't got the faintest clue who you are - but it was still fun to read your blog.

  2. LOL! Isn't it funny?! I was guessing you were a teacher, and saw in your profile that I was right. We've only been out with the teachers once, so it figures that we haven't crossed paths.

    We had to laugh though while reading through your favourite book list - we have many of the same books on our shelves!

  3. LOL... I guess its because we only like good books.