Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Resolute Plane Crash

Anyone who lives the north for any length of time, quickly comes to understand that each community revolves around its airport.

Generally, the airport is the gateway into or out of town. It's our lifeline to supplies. Hell, it's where we pick up our booze!

It doesn't matter whether I'm at home or the office, when I look out the window, my eye is drawn out across the water to the airport.

The plane crash in Resolute last month that made headlines across major news stations down south was even more keenly felt here. You have to remember that the communities up here are incredibly close knit. Everyone knows everyone, and so many people are related to one another.

That there were any survivors at all is unbelievable. That the military was in Resolute planning on simulating the response to a plane crash was fortunate. That such a crash happened at all is kinda scary.

I had to tune in to watch the interview with one of the survivors. The recap can be seen/read here.

The poise and overall attitude Nicole Williamson has towards this tragedy is inspiring. I can't imagine I'd walk away from an event like that with my head on that straight.

While we await the results of the investigation into the crash, one thing is certain. If you live in the north, you'll be flying eventually. Considering the number of planes that I seeing flying past my window on a daily basis, and in spite of this tragedy, I'll still feel pretty safe the next time I hop on a plane.

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