Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He wears the red pants and other randomness

Well, the red panties anyway! This was part of his bid to win a DVD player to go along with the TV I won at my work Christmas party. (For those keeping score at home, he came in third to two women!)

We've been busy socialites heading off to Christmas parties around town. It was great to get together with our new friends and share some food and laughs!

We've also been busy preparing for our Christmas trip back south. I'm embarrassed to say we do have a schedule, but it's necessary to finalize all our wedding plans. We're looking forward to movie theatres, restaurants, and oh yeah, seeing our families and friends!

Even with the somewhat miserable weather (lows of -46, blowing snow) we've managed to get all our water deliveries. Our water is delivered directly from the lake, via tanker trucks three times a week, and is stored in our crawlspace. (A different tanker comes and pumps the sewage from the holding tank three times a week as well.) The driver just backs up to the house, and hooks up. There's an alarm that goes off when the tank is full, and a red light comes on to let them know. I felt awkward asking why all the houses on our street had red lights, until I found out about the 'No Fill' lights.

Although surprising to some people, we do still get hours of daylight even with the soltice just around the corner. 'He' says he's not noticing the lack of sun, since during the winter down south, he was at work during any daylight hours anyway. We do take the dog out during our lunch break to take advantage of the sun's weak rays. Here's a picture of a sunset over the lake.

We've managed to parcel out our pets to our friends up here, and are secure that everything will be fine while we're gone. We've paid homage to all the weather gods, and the forecast seems ok for getting out of here on Thursday. We're looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone at Christmas.

In case we don't post again before Christmas, and aren't going to be seeing you for whatever reason, we wish you all the happiness the holiday season has to offer.

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