Tuesday, January 5, 2010

By plane and by car

So it's quasi official, we logged close to 10K km's, by plane and by car, to get down south, and all the travelling we did down south.

We did a lot of visiting with family; it was really awesome to see how much our niece, Leigha, has grown. We did family Christmas dinners all over Ontario, and introduced my family to "he's" family's traditional Mashed Potato Stuffing. We did A LOT of shopping ("he" nearly fainted when he saw the Visa bill.) We were able to schedule (literally) some time between visiting, shopping, and wedding plans to have some nice dinners out at our favourite restaurants and got to go see 'The Road' (a fantastic movie, but depressing as hell.)

We stayed mostly at my mom's house, and it was great to have mommy take care of us, and let us steal her car all the time!

And so, after all that, we were *fried*.

The night before we left, I had a pretty nasty stomach bug, and that combined with getting up at 4:30 am to head to the airport, made for a super happy girl :S

So maybe, just maybe, it was a good thing we were stuck in Winnipeg for four days while the north experienced the longest blizzard of the year so far. We were able to catch up on some much needed sleep (in fact, it's all I did for about the first 24 hours) and we took advantage of the time to do some of the 'extras' that didn't get done during our scheduled vacation. We both thought it was weird that we felt we were missing out on something special!

We were able to head out to the mall in Winnipeg, and between shopping, and eating out, we got to see Avatar. I'm glad we did, because we wouldn't have an opportunity to see it at a theatre up here, and definitely not in 3D (which is wicked, btw).

It was awesome to see Squire, who, incidentally, We just did another thought it was pretty awesome to see us. (Although, I think she really loved staying at Nina and Wayne's!)

"He's" been back to work for a couple of days now, and I get back in the swing tomorrow. We just completed a big food mail order (to the tune of of $461, but the freezer was looking pretty bare), which, weather permitting will come tomorrow. Other than that, we're mostly working on finalizing wedding plans, as we're about six weeks away from the big day.

Oh! And of course! We'll be cheering from the North as our Juniors face the Americans for the gold medal. Bragging rights against family in the States is on the line... so Go Canada Go!

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  1. Your new life is kinda crazy, but I am glad to hear you are doing well in the great white north!