Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow and Stuff

"When I was younger, I had to walk to work through ten feet of snow. Through blizzards. Uphill. Both ways."

I look forward to saying that to my kids one day...because, in my case, its actually not a bald-faced lie.

Its been snowing almost non-stop since we got back. Sometimes heavy, sometimes blizzardy. Sometimes this light drizzly stuff that's misleading because it never actually stops, and you think it's nothing till you open the front door the next morning and your front entrance caves in.

Several times in the last couple weeks I've had to scratch my head cleverly for a few minutes trying to figure out how to get into my office. You see, my office-house is in a sort of "snow belt" on the street where the drifts pile up into small snow mountains, and one of these mountains invariably ends up directly in front of, and against, the front entrance.

(Quick aside: For the record, we're lucky in that our house doesn't get the most brutal snowdrifts. Our immediate neighbour to the east typically has this freakish mountain that they carve an entrance through. Very cool if you're not the neighbour to the east.)

So back to my office: I typically end up doing one of two things if I really want to get in: 1) Climbing over that hill and down into the doorway, with the understanding that the door is not going to be able to shut once after I open it. (There's two doors fortunately, this is just the exterior one.) Or (2) I can try to climb up the side entrance into the "back" door if it looks reasonably safe, which has the benefit of not caving in a doorway since its eight feet higher or so and above the snowdrift, minus the foot or so resting on the patio.

And on my way out, I get to climb back up that mountain again and down the other side (Uphill both ways...get it?)

About these snowfalls: we've had a couple of official "blizzard" days since we got back, which are sort of nice sometimes. These ones were particularly well-timed because we got knocked down with a nasty flu and needed recup time.

That flu was also brutal enough that we cancelled our New Years Eve party...although we sort of made it up the following weekend!

You'd think between all the flus and snowdrifts and blizzards we'd be ready to get back to civilization...but honestly these things are just fun. I missed it and I'm glad to be back.

Besides snowstorms just mean more time for important projects such as Settlers of Catan! (Thanks for the intro J!)

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