Thursday, January 13, 2011

This one's for Tara!

... she put in her request on Facebook earlier today.

What I'd really like to know is who turned off the heat up here. It's gotten really cold again; -50 with the wind chill. Whoever turned the heat off was at least nice enough to turn the sun back on. One can almost ignore the frostbite on their thighs while the sun is glistening off the snow, or setting over the ice on the lake, making all the snow pink. *Almost.*

We braved the cold temperatures to head out and see what may be our new place. We've been under threat of having our comfy nest sold to the highest bidder since May of last year. On Labour Day, Squire and I walked out to check it out. Turns out, not a whole lot has been done since then. There is now some stone on the front of the house (in lieu of the lovely Tyvek) and lots of snow in the front. The new place is much less centrally located though, it's in what's referred to as Little India, which is further from town than Chinatown. Because of the location of the snow-fence north of town, Baker Lake is starting to extend east along the lake. We've requested the unit on the left in the picture, since it's closer to the lake and has nicer views. We should know within the next month when D-day will be.

So tomorrow I have to remember to a) put some tights under my jeans for the walk up the hill, and b) not spend *all* day daydreaming about decorating the new place.


  1. Oh, it's nice! I hope you get the place you want and you get to move in ASAP!

  2. Thanks Katherine, it's just at the rough in stage... so all the finishing needs to be done. But it will be all nice and new to move into!