Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blustery day

Squire and I decided to ignore the temperature (-22, feeling like -37 with the windchill) and head out for a romp in the snow. For a puppy that sat on our feet and shivered when we took her outside after we first brought her home, she takes to winter in the north like she's purebred husky.

We set out to climb the 'mountain' and take some pictures of the gorgeous sun. After chasing a bunny across the tundra, a raven decided to return the favour, and hovered above Squire on the entire walk up the hill.

When we got to the top of the hill, Squire bounded around the rocks like a kid in a jumpy castle, and I settled in to wait for the sun to start setting, so I could take some good sunset shots across the lake.

That plan didn't quite work out - the cold weather ate the batteries in my camera. In fact, when we got home, the entire camera was coated in a layer of frost. I did get one last good shot before the camera died though.

Now Squire and I are cuddled up under blankets and drinking a cup of tea (well, she's not, but I sure am). It was good to get out though, to wander about and get some fun pictures.

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