Friday, December 16, 2011

Dig Out

Last week we had our second three-day-er of the year. I'm talking blizzard, of course. This blizzard was a bit different, in that it definitely got worse before it got better.... The third day of the storm was worse than the other two combined. This is a terrible time of year for storms, as many of our friends and co-workers are beginning to travel home for Christmas. Maybe we picked just the right year to stay put?

One of our friends couldn't even get into their office on Friday... getting an 'extra' day off! You can just barely see the top of the door frame behind that monster snow drift.

Getting into our office by vehicle was impossible as well. This is the snow drift at the corner, and if you backtracked around the block, the road was blocked with a similar drift. It took til coffee break for the hamlet to have it dug out, and even then, it was only one lane wide. In fact, even today, two full days after the blizzard, many of the side streets around town are only one lane wide. In Baker, we don't bother with ploughs... real blizzards call for a squad of loaders to clear the snow (and sometimes dump trucks too!)

At lunch time, we snapped a quick pic to show the height of the drift. Kinda impressive if I do say so myself!

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