Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Epic Fail

I decided to carry my camera around today, so I could get some shots of the daylight we experience during the shortest day of the year.

Trivia note: This will be our third Christmas since moving north, but our first winter solstice in Baker. (And our first Christmas up here too.)

Back to the pictures thing.... the photo on the way to work is a black background with white specks all over it. (It was dark and snowing and the flash just picked up the white flakes.)

The pic at morning break is a total white out. Ditto for the one at lunch. By afternoon break, it's a bit darker shade of white.

On the way home, if I had've tried another picture, it'd be a copy of the first one.

Hopefully, one day this week it won't be snowing and I'll be able to sneak out and snap some decent pictures.

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