Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making a house a home

and a touch of Christmas to boot!

Our house is definitely starting to feel like 'home'. We asked for and received some new couches from the company 'he' works for. Combined with the pieces that were here, and our special pieces we brought all the way from Ontario, we are all comfy cozy!

One thing we chose *not* to bring with us was Christmas decorations. We kinda figured we'd likely be going home for Christmas and didn't really need them. Well, it all comes down to 'need' vs. 'want' and I definitely wanted some decorations.

So I headed down to the Northern to pick through their lot of decorations and came home with some vibrant blue and green balls and a gold snowflake tablecloth. The balls I hung from fishing line in the windows and from the chandelier.

It's not quite like Christmas at home, but it is a touch of Christmas.

Seventeen days til we come home, but who's counting?

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