Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland

So last night, after actually seeing the Leafs win a game (between us not getting 'Ontario' channels and the Leafs not winning much, it might be only the second win we've been able to see all season) 'he' and I decided to venture outside with Squire for a night time walk.

As an interesting aside, tonight while I sit and write this, a walk isn't possible, because of a warning of wolves in our backyard, right between our house and his office!

We went for a nice meandering walk, all bundled up in warm parkies and snowpants and hats and mits. And Squire sported her new boots, which made all the local puppies laugh at her.

We posed for some night time pictures, but us humans had a difficult time keeping our eyes open during the flash. There isn't a decent one of the two of us, but Squire managed to look only quasi demonic, and my eyes are at least open in this one:

And I had to do some creative photoshoping, but wanted you to be able to check out the frost on the ends of my hair and eyelashes!

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