Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Survival of the Blizzard and Vaccinations

Well, as far as arctic blizzards go, we were a little bit disappointed! While we were late for work, we did both make it to work. Planes didn't make it in or out until late in the day, and school was cancelled all day. However, I've been assured that this was just a warm up, and that we can expect better in the near future.

The day after the blizzard, while areas were still digging out from all the snow drifts, we bundled up after dinner and went down to the community hall here in town for our H1N1 vaccines. We figured that one medivac experience was enough.

We survived the vaccines too, although we're both feeling a bit achy in our H1N1 arm (up here we got our seasonal flu vaccine at the same time, just in the other arm). We took full advantage of the day off for Rememberance Day to rest up.

For the days ahead we're looking forward to our next food-mail order. We called the airport today only to find out that the trip in had been no foodmail tonight! Fortunately we're well stocked for most stuff and not desperate for anything yet (except!).

Keeping our fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow!

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