Monday, October 26, 2009

Clean Up in Aisle Four!

Finally, finally, and just in time!

Our sealift has made it in! We got it on Wednesday night at 9:30. It's nice to have friends that will call you the minute your skid comes off the barge.

The lake was starting to freeze over, and as we were waiting for word that the barge had left Churchill, we were especially worried that our pop would be frozen and exploded! Pop is one of the items that isn't foodmailable.

So we bundled up and headed out into the cold to cart the order up into the house.

And slowly but surely, a skid wrapped in film became a pile of boxes scattered throughout the entry.

TAAADAAAA! Our very own grocery store. We got quite a few groceries. I'm thinking that no one needs to be concerned about us starving this winter. Oh, and I shouldn't have to send "he" out with a slingshot to take down a caribou (which he'd then bring home for me to clean, which isn't something I'd really want to do!)

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is exactly 48 boxes of mac and cheese! :)

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  1. ok that looks like a grocery store to me! wow! I would like to see a picture of your pantry at the end of winter before the next shipment. That would be like going to a grocery store before you cook dinner. I am guessing that your freezer is also full. Now we can sleep, knowing that you won't starve up there, and that you won't have to rely on Ted to go hunting....I agree with the cleaning thing.