Friday, October 9, 2009

Our first trip home

We just booked our first flight home since being up here. (Of course we aren't counted his medivac since that wasn't planned OR booked!)

After getting over the sticker shock (it's almost $5K to fly home) we managed to book our flights.

We're coming home on the 17th, we'll get into Toronto later at night. And we're leaving right after Christmas. Remember that we'll be home again in February for the nuptuals.

We're making a schedule and checking it twice, so make sure you speak up if you want to see us!


  1. We would like to book Christmas Eve this year for dinner and evening if you are available, and if that works in your schedule. We thought we would try this instead of Boxing Brunch. No turkey that night...I promise. You are welcome to stay at our house whenever you want.

  2. *ahem ahem*

    you best be making time for ME!
    Ali xoxoxox