Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so why'd we do it?

We get this question a lot. Especially from people down south.

Initally, we'd honestly say it all had to do with his career. It was also our chance to do something wild and adventurous.

What we didn't expect was how much we'd enjoy the experience.

It's quiet moments on our 'mountain' or at the lake, or even just standing under the zillion stars.

It's the local kids who always want to stop and chat. They're so curious about our lives, and Squire. The other night, after I stopped to let them hold onto Squire's leash and take her for a walk, three young girls out of a large group even gave me a hug!

And with the current snowy weather, it's been a riot watching Squire nosedive into snowbanks and attempt to catch bunnies.

So while we came up here for his career, it's certainly been more rewarding that we ever thought.

1 comment:

    Everything looks far too " EASESO" and now we understand " why".
    It's FRED.
    It's CARMEN.
    It's the UN and KARL ROVE.
    And rap telling it like " POPERS" on SPEED " do"...and we are getting it
    faster than we would " normally".